1 June 2021:                                                                                A new storks nest

In recent years we already have two nests on the road to Novo mesto, one in Gorenje Polje and the other in Prečna. So now a third has been added, namely in Podgora. So much fun! We regularly drive up and down to Novo mesto and can therefore follow all the perils. I think I saw today that there are already young in the nest in Prečna, but I'm not entirely sure. Next time I'll take a closer look :).

30 May 2021:                                                                                A new storks nest

To offer you even more relaxation, from today I also give foot reflex massages in my new "mini salon" at home.

This ancient technique brings your body and mind back into balance, stimulates the immune system and relieves pain and other complaints.

Foot reflexology massage can be applied to anyone. Healthy people will also experience that it has a very beneficial and relaxing effect.

A session lasts about 1 hour and costs 32,50 euros.

25 May 2021:                                                                          Our wine cellar is finished!

Since February of last year, my husband has been building a wine cellar next to our house. He has built this cellar completely out of stones that can be found everywhere in the ground here. It was quite a job, but he succeeded. You are very welcome to come and have a drink :).