Flora and fauna

Slovenia is one of the greenest countries in Europe, and it shows! The flora and fauna is very diverse and despite the fact that wood is still very much used for heating houses, the percentage of forest is still growing every year. Gradenc is therefore surrounded by forests and fields, making it an ideal environment for all kinds of wild animals such as deer, foxes, birds of prey, weasels and badgers. There are also bears, wild boars and wolves that are spotted very occasionally. You will also regularly see different types of snakes such as slow worms, vipers and esculape snakes.

Slovenia also has a lot of water in the form of rivers and lakes, waterfalls and a small stretch (46 km) of coast. Lake Bled, with the islet in the middle and the castle on the rock, is the most famous lake. But of course there are many more beautiful lakes that are more than worth visiting! The river Krka runs through  Žužemberk, at  five kilometers from Gradenc  and you can visit its source in the village of Krka (20 km away).