Our activities

Individual activities:


"Čevapčiči" BBQ with campfire                                            €12.50 pp

Slovenian breakfast                                                                    €  7.00 pp

Picnic with local, home-made products                              €10.00 pp

Guided walk (2 hours), including tasting                           €  8.00 pp


Workshops (including homemade tea, lemonade and cookies):


Baking "Pogača" (typical flat bread)                                      €  7.00 pp

Baking "Potica" (bread with sweet walnut filling)             €  8.00 pp

Embroidery and decorating greeting cards                         €  8.50 pp

Making soap/cream                                                                   €12.50 pp

Creative with wood                                                                   €  9.50 pp


Activity packages:


Authentic village experience (4-4 ½ hours):

Welcome drink                                               

Vineyard walk                                                  

Visit "zidanica" (typical vineyard house) with wine tasting                   

Baking "Pogača" (typical flat bread), picnic                                  

Driving on a tractor                                                      

€ 30.00 pp


Family package (3½-4 hours):

Forest trail / treasure hunt                         

Collect products for crafting                        

Crafting on terrace                              

Make campfire and roast sausages        

Feeding / petting rabbits and chickens                 

Ride with tractor (on trailer)                      

 € 20.00 pp


Team building / friends package (4 ½-5 hours):

Welcome drink                                                               

Knowledge quiz (old crafts)                       

Scavenger hunt with assignments          

Picnic with local products                            

Mowing grass with scythe                          

Chopping/sawing wood                                              

                                                                                   € 35.00 pp